Linda Manding 2012-05-09T16:11:00Z A fabulous evening! 2012-05-09T16:11:00Z,779 2012-05-09T16:11:00Z <p>So the day has arrived for the launching of my jewelry collection Forever Unique Jewelry at Plezuro. I love when you get to experience the feeling that hard work pays off! It was a wonderful evening with drinking and mingling, and I enjoyed every second! Thanks to everyone who came and to you who were not there: here are some pictures from the evening. Be sure to take a peek into my shop where I sell my jewelry! I update the page as I make new jewelry.! For (...)</p> Inconnu Fabulous event! 2012-04-18T16:12:00Z,780 2012-04-18T16:12:00Z <p>The day I have worked night and day for is now approaching! The 26th of April is the day when I launch my jewelry collection Forever Unique Jewelry in the fashion shop Plezuro in Stockholm, Sweden. Plezuro is my latest business partner, and the owner shares my passion for the unique, which certainly is reflected in her shop. I must say that my jewelry fit like the hand in the glove there! Here is the invitation for the event that I (correction: with the help of my husband) have designed. (...)</p> Inconnu Natural beauty 2012-03-02T17:12:00Z,781 2012-03-02T17:12:00Z <p>As every year there's a trip to my belowed India which is one of the places where I get most creative. There are so many things that I find inspiring in this culture and the whole surrounding is breathing natural beauty. Everywhere you go there are markets, big as small, where you can find the most astounding materials and items. And I know them all, well the ones in Goa anyway. Wonderful sweet water (...)</p> Inconnu Christmas is here! 2011-12-28T17:12:00Z,782 2011-12-28T17:12:00Z <p>Oh, my favourite time of the year is finally here! From the 1st of December, the apartment is being decorated to the maximum, candy is being making and gifts are being wrapped. Somehow, no matter how early I start, I always end up stressed out of this world, but at the 24th I always make sure to calm down and enjoy the moment of joy and peace. Merry Christmas to you all! This is the result of 5 hours of work A breath of (...)</p> Inconnu Launching of my jewelry line! 2011-12-20T17:13:00Z,783 2011-12-20T17:13:00Z <p>Yes, it has certainly passed some time since the day I launched my jewelry collection Forever Unique Jewelry in the store The Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, but the following weeks has been crazy hectic. The launching in both Sweden and here in Brussels has been a success, resulting in a substantial change in my working tempo. In order to design and create new, unique jewelry, I need of course materials, but above all I need inspiration, inspiration which primarily comes from the thought (...)</p> Inconnu Brussels Accessible Art Fair 2011-11-16T17:13:00Z,784 2011-11-16T17:13:00Z <p>After months of hard work the day was finally here! Me in front of my stand It was on very shaky legs I watched the doors open and people streaming in. Sure I have had 4 exhibitions earlier, but they have all been under my control with me as the only artist, so this exhibition was really something new for me. The VIP night During the time that the exhibition lasted I got to meet so many interesting people and I can say with no hesitation that this was worth all the hard work! (...)</p> Inconnu The big apple 2011-09-23T16:17:00Z,785 2011-09-23T16:17:00Z <p>Finally time for our annual trip to New York! Feels like I was here yesterday! Everything was astremendious as the last years trips. We strolled around and inhaled the culture, ate donuts and toast at a couploe of "roof top bars". Determination has never been my strongest forte My kind of world! But suddenly something happend that created total panic: Hurricane Irene was on its way to (...)</p> Inconnu Jag är utvald!!! 2011-09-11T16:18:00Z,786 2011-09-11T16:18:00Z <p>I maj snubblade jag och Gustav över en konstutställning kallad "Brussels Accessible Art Fair" där konstnärer från hela världen, 2 gånger per år ställer ut sin konst. Efter att ha strosat runt i en underbart vacker lokal, druckit champagne och ätit snittar såg jag en ansökningsblankett för nästa event på ett bord och tänkte, hmmm... skulle vara kul att få delta i den. Jag fyllde i blanketten, sände in CV och bilder på mina tavlor- mest på skoj. Och skoj blev det verkligen när jag fick meddelandet att jag har (...)</p> Inconnu Buongiorno! 2011-06-02T16:22:00Z,787 2011-06-02T16:22:00Z <p>Buongiorno! Trots att jag redan besökt Rom ville jag återigen besöka alla de storslagna platserna. Min absoluta favorit är Sixtinska kapellet- utan tvekan. Denna plats går inte att beskriva med varken ord eller bilder- den bara måste upplevas. På en fontän utanför Pantheon trängdes duvor och jag var fast besluten att få ett foto i rörelse. Så jag stod tålmodigt o väntade med kameran rätt inställd och väntade på att någon pippi skulle röra sig. Efter att ha lyckade missa typ 20 sådana tillfällen (...)</p> Inconnu Happy Easter! 2011-04-24T15:02:00Z,788 2011-04-24T15:02:00Z <p>Glad Påsk på er alla! Denna påsk valde jag och min man att fira i den underbart charmiga lilla staden Brygge, 1 timmas tågresa från Bryssel. Vi var dock inte de enda som hade Brygge som resmål. Tåget var smockat med folk som stod som packade sillar som sög upp varenda uns syre och höjde temperaturen med ett x antal grader. Varför inte? Jag kan ju simma... När vi hoppat av tåget var det lunchdags och vi insåg snabbt att här var det bara att slänga alla regler gällande kösystem som vi svenskar lever (...)</p> Inconnu