Yes, it has certainly passed some time since the day I launched my jewelry collection Forever Unique Jewelry in the store The Apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, but the following weeks has been crazy hectic. The launching in both Sweden and here in Brussels has been a success, resulting in a substantial change in my working tempo. In order to design and create new, unique jewelry, I need of course materials, but above all I need inspiration, inspiration which primarily comes from the thought of my jewelry will touch someone else in a special way. So thanks to everyone who gives me inspiration! Here I present some photos from "The Apartment".

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Min egna monter på The Apartment
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En utav hyllorna i min monter
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En utav mina senaste kreationer: "Diamonds overboard"
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En av mina ringar: "Waterfall"
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En utav mina favoritringar från kollektionen: "Elegance for your hand"