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About me

Once again, I say welcome to my site.

Art and creativity has always been a big part of my life and I have loved drawing and painting from the moment I first grabbed a pen. I was born and raised in Sweden and my dream had for a long time been to share my passion for art with others so after finishing my art studies I started to exhibit my paintings at different art galleries in Sweden. In automn 2011 I was participating in Brussels Accessible Art Fair in Belgium.

Characteristic for my art work is my predilection for details. I always strive to create life and depth in my every painting by playing with lights and shadows. The themes of my paintings variegate but I certainly have a soft spot for the bright, sheer and romantic.

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Along with the painting I am working with other kinds of art craft and the dream of starting my own business has been around since early times. During my stay in Paris I got to experience inspiration in a totally new way than before. New ideas began to emerge and in spring 2009 I opened Forever Unique, a boutique with hand created art decorations. If you are curious, take a peak here.

In June 2011 I opened my second boutique: Forever Unique Jewelry, in which I sell unique hand created jewelry. My jewelry can also be purchased in Stockholm, Sweden at Plezuro, The Apartment, Ambiance. Recently I started to sell them at Mariana in Brussels, Belgium.

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